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Our MissionWe care about solving America’s provider data problem.

At BetterDoctor, we believe that finding the right doctor shouldn’t be difficult. Our mission is to improve the flow and quality of healthcare data so patients can quickly get the care they need when they need it.

Helping patients find the right doctors when they need them starts with helping health plans, provider groups, health care systems and health start up companies get high quality data. We build tools to bring trust, confidence, and transparency to the process of finding a doctor.

Our StoryAn opportunity to make accurate provider data widely available.

When Ari Tulla moved to California from Finland, he faced complex health issues in his family and needed to find the right doctor to work with. He wasted months searching the web, calling offices and trying to find a doctor who could help and figure out what’s wrong.

“There has to be a better way,” he thought. He had been solving problems with technology for over ten years. Ari set out to solve the doctor finding puzzle with his Nokia colleague, Tapio Tolvanen.

Ari and Tapio initially built BetterDoctor’s consumer service that let patients search local doctors based on specialty, accepted insurance plans, and conditions. Patients were also able to see patient feedback and doctor to doctor referrals to identify the right doctor. They added all 1,000,000 doctors and dentist to the database and the BetterDoctor consumer service helped over 20,000,0000 people find the right doctor.

While running the service, the BetterDoctor team discovered that online information about doctors was often incorrect. Without accurate information it’s impossible for patients to find the care they need. BetterDoctor team decided to fix the root of the problem, inaccurate provider data, and offer the accurate data to the whole healthcare market.

Today, BetterDoctor helps validate and deliver accurate provider data to health plans, health systems, and hundreds of other companies — from startups to publicly traded ones.

BetterDoctor connects the health care industry with quality data.


Ari Tulla

CEO & Co-FounderAri Tulla

Ari is the CEO and Co-Founder of BetterDoctor. Prior to BetterDoctor, Ari led Nokia’s game and application studios where he was responsible for the creation of thousands of mobile apps with over 100M downloads. Ari has over a decade of experience on creating new delightful consumer products and experiences.

Tapio Tolvanen

CTO & Co-FounderTapio Tolvanen

Tapio is the CTO & Co-Founder of BetterDoctor. Prior to BetterDoctor, Tapio spent a decade heading technology at Nokia, where he was managing and building a variety of technologies from network equipments and mobile devices to consumer facing software platforms and products. During his time at Nokia, Tapio lived in Europe, Asia and North America.

Julie Jones

Operations DirectorJulie Jones

Julie was a professional chef for 10+ years taking care of private families and hungry startups before joining BetterDoctor. Today, she used her knowledge about feeding the masses to lead all things Operations at the company's SoMa office. She manages the team's IT services, facilities, HR, and accounting. Before BetterDoctor, Julie worked at Zynga, Evernote and Mindmeld. (She's also a proud Longhorn!)

Andrew Kobylinski

Head of Business DevelopmentAndrew Kobylinski

As Head of Business Development, Andrew leads BetterDoctor's data and API business. Andrew has over ten years experience creating new products and bringing them to market at healthcare startups. Creating a solution to inaccurate provider data is his latest passion.

Matt Levy

VP of EngineeringMatt Levy

Matt is the VP of Engineering for BetterDoctor and drives the high capacity platforms and applications that powers BetterDoctor's mission to make the US Healthcare Data useful to partners and clients. With over 15 years of hands on experience ranging from the first email call center integration in Sydney to support the 2000 Olympics to highly successful multiplayer online gaming platforms, Matt makes the technology that moves data fast!

Paul Whitaker

VP of Doctor MarketingPaul Whitaker

Paul is the VP of Doctor Marketing at BetterDoctor. Before working at BetterDoctor, Paul led Nokia's preload business and was responsible for ensuring that new devices were shipped with the latest games and other applications from 3rd party developers. Paul has 15 plus years experience working with startups and as an "intrapreneur", building and managing new programs inside large organizations.

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